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Their refusal to cooperate is perfectly/completely understandable, considering the circumstances. The reader should be able to easily locate cross-referenced information within the financial statements. This means that all supporting schedules should be identified with a footnote number or letter, with this identifier listed in the main financial statements.


We take it upon ourselves to change that existing application so that it meets some requirement, such as developing a new feature, fixing an existing bug, etc. Simultaneously we are required to continue meeting all the existing documented requirements, and maintain the existing behavior as much as possible. Strategies, standards, and supporting resources to make the Web accessible to people with disabilities. Content is more usable for people with lower language skills, such as people who are not fluent in the language of the website and people with low literacy. Web accessibility is essential for people with disabilities and useful for all.

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Of a service is the ability of a person to understand the function of the service without having any knowledge of other services. For instance, if a banking application implements a checking account service that does not implement a deposit function but instead relies on the client to use a separate deposit service, this would detract from the service’s modular understandability. The modular understandability of a service can also be limited if the service supports more than one distinct business concept. For example, a service called CustomerCheckingAccount that mixes the semantics of both a customer service and a checking account service also limits modular understandability. The modular understandability is especially important for services, because any unknown consumer can find and use a service at any time. If the service is not understandable from a functional perspective, the person deciding whether to use the service will have a difficult time making a decision.


It assumes that even knowledgeable people may sometimes require services of an expert/advisor to understand complex economic phenomena. Providers, most commonly pediatric interns, generate discharge instructions in electronic health records. In this nonautomated process, they use free-text or nonstandardized templates to create content. At discharge, instructions are printed as part of the postvisit summary, which includes updates on medications and scheduled follow-up appointments. Bedside nurses verbally review the instructions with families and provide printed copies for home use.

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Therefore, representation, method and computing can be studied uniformly. Summarizing texts can be extended to summarizing method and computing. There is, however, only very little work on systems with integrated https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ explanation mechanisms that inform the user at run-time. We briefly revisit existing work on notions of causality, counterexample-based causality, certification, and feature-oriented systems.


The preceding concepts do not mean that complex information should be excluded from the financial statements. For example, the concepts related to pensions and derivatives are not easy to understand. In these situations, apply the understandability concept as much as possible, but still present the required information. Understandability is the concept that financial information should be presented so that a reader can easily comprehend it.


The CCI is an index for determining effective communication via written materials developed by the CDC in the USA . The Japanese version of the CCI translated and developed by Goto and colleagues comprises 10 questions related to content, words, design, and scientific aspects (Goto et al., 2018). There are three index questions concerning written materials designed to change the behavior of communication targets, three index questions concerning materials that use numbers, and three index questions concerning materials explaining risks. A total point earned was divided by the total possible points that the material could have earned and multiplied by 100. The maximum score is 100%, with a higher score indicating that the document is more understandable.

  • People with learning disabilities who cannot understand complex sentence structures and vocabulary.
  • More often than not, we find ourselves boarding the train midway through, with little or no control over how it got there.
  • However, when internal implementation details are exposed in the case of a Leaky Encapsulation smell, the public interface of the abstraction may become more complex, affecting its understandability.
  • The modular understandability of a service can also be limited if the service supports more than one distinct business concept.
  • Understanding and knowledge are both words without unified definitions.

As a result of the usability classification by the matrix, there were nine items designed for preventive purposes that the user or their families filled in; this comprised the largest number within a classification . There was an MCH handbook (No. 13) that was classified as preventive; however, it was meant to be completed by a person other than the user. There were health handbooks designed for management of a specific disease; one was a handbook completed by the users themselves (No. 10), and another was completed by other persons (No. 14). This study explored ways to evaluate understandability and usability, along with readability, of commonly used printed health handbooks in Japan. Each set of discharge instructions was manually evaluated for completeness .

Understandability: the most important metric you’re not tracking

The engineer should be able to easily locate cross-referenced information within the system. This is where modularity, software documentation, source-code navigation controls, and source code management tools allow engineers to find their way around the system. With little to no access to data, developers often have to choose between working slowly without data, or enduring endless deployment cycles in an attempt to get the data they need.


Of the patients included in the study, 51% were publicly insured. Median age was 3.1 years, and median length of stay was 2.0 days. The median readability score corresponded to a 10th-grade reading level (interquar-tile range, 8–12; range, 1–13). Median PEMAT score was 73% (interquartile range, 64%−82%; range, 45%−100%); 36% of instructions scored below 70%, correlating with suboptimal understandability. Although explicit warning signs were listed in most instructions, 38% of the instructions did not include information on the person to contact if warning signs developed.

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Its hospital medicine service consists of 4 teams that care for approximately 7000 children hospitalized with general pediatric illnesses each year. Each team consists of 5 or 6 pediatric residents supervised by a hospital medicine attending. Understandability, within the context of workplace communication, refers to the exchange of information in verbal and written terms to facilitate workplace understanding and information. Company success is determined by the reciprocity of ideas and the definitive manner in which they are expressed. Employers and employees relate to each other by engaging in standardized language that is understandable for the benefit of company productivity. According to this view, representation, method and computing are unified.

Understandability would require financial statements to be identified by presenting the name of the financial statement, the name of the entity and the period covered by the statement. It would also require this information to be repeated wherever needed. Keeping detailed event logs for operations, security, and support purposes. In such organizations, Understandability takes on an even more powerful form, determining how well engineers can understand how the software operates and how it is being utilized by the application’s customers.

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This direct dependency makes it difficult to change or extend the design without breaking the client code. More often than not, you are faced with a legacy system that was written using lower-level instruments than what is currently available, by people who have long ago left and none What is understandability of a product of the scaffolding is there. Complaining about the technical debt you have to cope with and the “unreadable code” your engineers cannot understand is not going to get you very far. Nor will dreaming about long-term refactorings and migrations which will rarely ever come to pass.

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